Our College History

It was in the early part of the 2000’s, that Mr. Ravi Naik, the then Minister for and Chairman of Ponda Education Society toyed with the idea of starting a College of Education in the sprawling P.E.S Campus. After much deliberations and negotiations with the Goa University,Directorate of Higher Education and NCTE (National Council of Teacher Education), P.E.S’s College of Education was born. Mr. Ravi Naik’s team of like-minded philanthropic citizens of Ponda i.e. the P.E.S Management members put together their dynamism and started this College that would send out B.Ed. Degree-holders into society.

This College was the culmination of Mr.Ravi Sitaram Naik’s dream and an extension of his work for the disadvantaged sections of society. Ponda Education Society’s College of Education started off as a fledgling Institution and has now become a banyan tree with several facilities which have been added part by part, year by year.

The college began breathing in 2004, 100 teacher-trainees in tow, 7 novice lecturers, Mr. Gurunath
Khanolkar as Coordinator, Dr. Anil Dinge as Officiating Principal.P.E.S’s College of Education soon proved its worth because in its very first year the three college rankers were the University rankers too.Soon the college entered the second year. The library had grown, several activities added, the office larger with new staff-members…Dr.Dinge and Mr.Khanolkar inspiring the teaching-staff and students alike.

Everyone was working hard to produce able teachers, who would be committed and enthusiastic in their duties. Year after year, our college kept pace with the excellence which the faculty-members of yester-years had established…..no beaten track though. The college progressed with some ideas … some new some old some successful some not. However the college trod on with enthusiasm.

In 2008-09, a full-time Principal Dr. Shashikala Gaikwad took over the college. She had a stern and scholarly personality and took our college to new heights. A new discipline entered the Institution and her rich experiences brought in new repertoires of thought and action. She served the college for two eventful years and passed on the baton to Dr. Geeta Iyer who led the team during 2010-11.

Dr. Gaikwad returned to head the Institution for two more years 2011-12 and 2012-13. Soon the college shifted to a larger building we also excelled in Academics and Co-curricular activities. Dr. Geeta Iyer , Principal from 2013-14 till date has kept the flame burning bright.

Indeed “Rome was not built in a day.”All the progress and success that P.E.S’s College of Education enjoys today is due to the hard work and leadership of many heads, hands and hearts.

With their inspiration and our prayers…We Move On……..